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Bicycle Imports Up Substantially for October

  • Posted: 12th December 2012

October saw 190,566 bicycles imported into Australia, comprising 54,403 Children’s and 136,163 Adult bicycles.

This compared to a total of 135,585 bicycles in October 2011 with about three quarters of the increase attributed to adult bicycles.

Nine of the first 10 months of 2012 have now seen higher import figures year on year and in total 2012 is well up on 2011 for the year to date.

2012 is now just lower than 2010 on a year to date comparison

Australian Customs collect bicycle import figures which are then collated by Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA). Full data including comparison tables and charts are made available to BIA members only.

BIA have kindly permitted us to publish summary figures and commentary when each new quarter’s data is released.