Dirty Bits: Zeit Disc Brake Pads

  • Posted: 9th December 2012

While prices vary somewhat, replacement disc brake pads from the major brands typically cost between $40 and $60. That may not be a big deal if it’s an occasional purchase, but wet trails and particularly abrasive sandy soils can eat through a set of pads in a single outing. If this is an issue that you face (or if you just want to spend less when buying brake pads), these aftermarket pads from Zeit may be worth a try. They sell for $19 a pair and are available to suit most popular disc brake brands and models—from Avid Code downhill brakes to superlight Formulas. In most applications you can choose between sintered metallic and semi-metallic compounds. The full metallic pads are said to offer long pad life and better performance at higher temperatures, while the semi-metallic variety can run a little quieter with better longevity than a full organic pad.

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