His & Hers

  • Posted: 22nd June 2012

Deuter has introduced a new trail pack called the Compact Air EXP. Interestingly, it’s offered in both men’s and women’s specific versions. More than just a styling difference, the female ‘SL’ version features narrower spacing on the shoulder straps, a slightly shorter back and waist belt straps that are profiled to suit female hips. Both packs have expandable main compartments with compression straps that reign in any excess volume when it’s not being used. The men’s pack expands from 10 up to 13 litres while the SL offers between eight and 10 litres of storage capacity—in either case it’s plenty of room for all-day rides. Other features include a revamped ‘Aircomfort’ ventilation system, which suspends the pack above your back and both have built-in rain covers, helmet holders and sleeves for a water bladder (not included). Expect to pay around $140 for the new Compact Air pack.

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