• Posted: 13th April 2010

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Bicycling Australia is Australia’s largest and longest running cycling publisher with titles covering road cycling, mountain biking, recreational cyclists and trade both in print and online.

Bicycling Australia Magazine

Bicycling Australia is the magazine of choice for road cyclists looking for high quality information and entertaining articles that will help them become better riders. This market is performance, knowledge and results oriented — and looking for improvements across every aspect of their life. Bicycling Australia meets this demand with a well-deserved reputation for integrity and accuracy, focussing solely on road cycling, but covering a broad range of topics.

Mountain Biking Australia Magazine

Mountain Biking Australia magazine is very tightly focused on its target audience—trail riders, who comprise 75% of the MTB market. Mountain Biking Australia focusses on addressing this group, with significant volume of content that is suitable for cross country and enduro riders as well. Mountain Biking Australia’s detailed bike tests, new product features and product reviews are uncompromisingly accurate and informative. is an online destination for cyclists, with expert training content, feature articles, cycling events and bike reviews. The free Bicycling Classifieds are also a major drawcard within the site.

Bicycling Trade Magazine and Bicycling Trade Online

Bicycling Trade is an integral part of Australia’s billion dollar bicycle industry. We publish two editions which work together seamlessly to give you two great ways to reach your market. Bicycling Trade online edition carries shorter, more time sensitive news including How’s Business? Trade Talk, Shop Talk and the latest monthly bicycle import statistics. Meanwhile, Bicycling Trade print edition is published quarterly in full colour on high quality, heavy paper stock and distributed free of charge to all bike related businesses across the industry.

The Bicycling YearBook

The Bicycling YearBook lists every wholesaler and manufacturer, giving their full contact details and listing the products that they sell. The Bicycling YearBook is like a ‘Yellow Pages’ of the Australian bicycle industry. Bike shop staff are constantly looking through their copy of the Bicycling YearBook in search of spare parts to buy for repairs or customer orders.

Where to Ride

The Where to Ride road and path guides are aimed squarely at the growing market of family riders—mum, dad and the kids—with leisure and safety in mind. Many of the guides feature a ‘kid friendly’ section but also include rides of up to 70km or more for those seeking something more challenging.

Print Advertising: Trusted and Effective

Physical magazines are still the preferred method for readers to consume content. Advertising in our magazines benefits from the perception of magazines as credible and engaging the most effective medium for you to connect with our readers—your market.

We have a range of ad sizes to meet your requirements from Double Page Spreads to Trade Classified ads.

All ads in Bicycling Australia Magazine and Mountain Biking Australia magazine are included in the digital editions available through iTunes and Zinio.

Online Advertising: A Dynamic Medium

Banners offers a range of industry standard banners to suit different ad designs and budgets.


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