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Where to Ride Perth 2nd Edition

Posted November 18th, 2013

Fully revised and Updated 2nd Edition of Where to Ride Perth is an essential resource for anyone who wants to enjoy riding in Perth! 
Choose from 75 great rides including 24 kids’ rides!

Riding a bike around Perth is exciting, easy and fun! 

The city’s many scenic cycle routes along the river and coastline make for a delightfully relaxing experience with family or friends. And for the more physically motivated there are some challenging hills as you head inland. 

The book uses a gloss paper stock, tough enough to cope with the rigours of sweaty hands and plenty of use out on the trail. Riders will appreciate the sturdy construction and convenient spiral binding of the book, this includes a fold out overview map of all 75 rides that doubles as a book marker with map legend, ride ratings and terrain guide. Riders can refer between the map they are using and reference information with ease.

Author Brent Meyer provides easy to follow and comprehensive information for each of the 51 adult rides, as well as 24 traffic-free rides suitable for kids. Fully revised and updated, Where to Ride Perth 2nd Edition is the ideal guide to enjoyable cycling in and around Perth.

What's New in the 2nd Edition:
8 new adult rides
24 kids' rides
Family-friendly ratings
Extensive enhancements to mapping
Detailed terrain classifications


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