HIGH5 Add New Recovery Drink Range

HIGH5 Sports Nutrition have launched a new and improved ‘Recovery Drink’, a mix they say is ‘the tastiest way to quickly recover muscles after exercise so you can go again tomorrow.’

With more than 25 years’ experience scientifically formulating cycling nutrition, hydration and recovery products, the new formula is backed by the brand’s strong reputation.

With the latest mix the company say they have worked closely with sports nutrition users to create a great-tasting recovery drink. 61% of the users surveyed said they like to mix their powder with just water, 70% are after a milkshake texture as opposed to a water-based texture and 59% are looking for typical milkshake flavours. 

HIGH5 have developed three flavours with the smooth milkshake texture: Chocolate, Banana & Vanilla and Berry. Each are 100% natural and have no artificial flavourings.

‘Shake it up’: HIGH5 say their three new flavoured Recovery Drink mixers are as smooth as a milk shake with no lumps of powder.

“A shake that mixed easily with no lumps was also high up on users’ recovery drink wish list,” said a High 5 rep.  “Their wishes have been heard. The new HIGH5 Recovery Drink is smooth and easy to shake up with water alone, with no lumps in sight.”

The formulation contains 20g of protein to help maintain and grow muscles and 20g of carbs to help muscles recover after exercise. Electrolytes, zinc, iron and added vitamins are also important to recovery drink users.  

Recovery Drink also aids rehydration, and it contains four different electrolytes, Vitamin C to support the immune system as well as zinc, iron, vitamin D and some essential B vitamins.

HIGH5 say the drink has been designed ‘to be the convenient, tasty way to repair and replenish your muscles straight after a hard workout session so you can go all over again.’

The Recovery Drink is available via the HIGH5 website.

And for those who sign up for the HIGH5 newsletter can enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on all orders for the next 12 months.


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