Keirin Racing: Inductions For Global Series To Be Held In Melbourne

DerbyWheel, (DW), a new global Professional Keirin concept will officially commence inductions next month as it assesses and recruits official DerbyWheel riders ahead of the inaugural season in 2024. 

As a new global Pro Keirin Racing sports event, DerbyWheel will focus on globalising historic Professional Keirin Track Cycle Racing which currently is organised largely as a closed domestic enterprise in Japan and Korea.

Close to 500 riders from 40 countries have already signed up for the series and are planning to attend the DerbyWheel induction centres in either the UK (Manchester National Cycling Centre) or Australia (Melbourne Disc Velodrome) in December and January. 

During the inductions, each rider will perform two tests to capture peak performance data; a warm-up which includes a 10-second sprint for max cadence + 5 second sprint for maximum power and a flying 500m – 200m time to be taken from 200m line to finish line during the first lap.

Alongside the performance tests, there will also be a series of briefings and workshops for potential riders to attend plus practice races to make additional assessments and observations concerning bike handling, spatial awareness, race ability and tactics.

Riders who pass the induction will be eligible to race the inaugural season in 2024 and will be grouped into one of three classes – Special, Excellent or General – depending on their ability.

Speaking about the DerbyWheel inductions, Director of Sport Ross Edgar said: “We are really excited to kick off our official inductions for DerbyWheel in Melbourne and start officially recruiting riders for the 2024 season.” 

“We have a great mix of professional and experienced Keirin riders ready to set their best performances to achieve as high a level as possible in our first intake of DerbyWheel riders. This marks the first step in this exciting project. We will offer a contract to the riders that meet the minimum requirements when assessed at these inductions. Our aim is to give the Licenced riders equal opportunities to race throughout the season.”

Australian track cyclist Matt Glaetzer said the keirin is one the most exhilarating track events you can race in yet it remains a mystery to most.

“What’s really exciting about DerbyWheel is the opportunity to race the keirin on a global stage and bring the thrill of it to life,” he said.

“As a track cyclist, DerbyWheel offers something new to the sport and provides a platform for athletes who want to continue racing long after the season has ended.”

Details of the DerbyWheel 2024 season will be announced later this year. More information can be found at 

 Riders can register their interest at  


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