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Top Gear: Forerunner 910XT GPS watch

The 910XT is a watch style all-in-one GPS enabled device that tracks time, distance, pace, elevation (via barometric altimeter) and heart rate (while on land – it is water resistant, however it won’t transmit HRM data while submerged). Perhaps too chunky for casual wearing, it does however almost eliminate the issue of misplacing your handlebar mounted GPS after downloading data. There’s a time-based built in reminder for nutrition intake, or to lift your game if you’re falling behind your performance goals. It will also pair with optional cadence and heart rate sensors if you choose to upgrade the base unit to collect more data.

It’s fully water resistant for pool and open-water training, collecting swimming metrics including distance, efficiency, stroke type and stroke count. Another handy feature is that it transitions from swim to bike function with the press of just one button. Post activity analysis is via the Garmin connect site where you can see GPS based maps and stats of your performance.

Price: $399                                      

Weight: 119g

Distributed by Garmin


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