Top Gear: New Apres Velo Shirts

It’s the middle of summer, boiling hot and so, time to treat yourself to a new T-shirt. Luckily, Apres Velo have a huge new range to choose from. The new designs shown here are the Flying Low (shown here in men’s and women’s), Cycling Nuts, Bunch Sprint, Bike Path and the Sisterhood of Spinners. These full cotton T-shirts retail for $49.95 and singlets are $29.95.

Price: $49

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Top Gear: Babici Mundial Collezione Jerseys

At the upper echelons of the sport there really is no substitute for a good single, even if you do have to glue it on. Hand-made latex singles might only last a handful of kilometres and cost hundreds of dollars, but they are demonstrably faster against the clock.

Workshop: The Path of Rolling Resistance