Zipp Upgrade Their Ultra Deep 858 & 808 Wheelsets

Zipp have given their ultra deep 858 NSW & 808 Firecrest tubeless disc wheelsets a major upgrade, the new models being lighter, stronger and – according to Zipp – faster & more aerodynamic.

More suited for Triathletes and Time Trial specialists, the tubeless & hookless Zipp wheels have an increased rim width to fit wider tyres and lower tyre pressure. This will help reduce rolling resistance and reduce body fatigue caused by road buzz. Lighter than previous incarnations, the wheels have lost 240 grams in weight without compromising strength.

Zipp say their engineers attacked the four primary barriers to speed – Air, Rolling Resistance, Gravity, and Vibration.

On the air resistance front, the Zipp-patented Sawtooth rim profile on the 858 NSW continues to push aero efficiency and crosswind stability to new highs. The now legendary Firecrest rim shape has a complex dimpling pattern to save watts when slicing through the air. Zipp have also widened the 858 NSW and 808 Firecrest rims to 23mm on the inside to give wide tyres more platform to sit on (28mm tyres worked best in testing).

With that, rolling resistance dropped and, simultaneously, lower pressure minimised energy loss to vibration and reduced body fatigue. The new 858 NSW shed 243 grams off its weight and the 808 Firecrest 274 grams.

Chris Langdon, from Australian distributor Echelon Sports, said the new 858 and 808 represent Zipp’s drive to “make you faster.”

“It’s not just aerodynamics anymore, it’s the whole package,” he said. There’s less rolling resistance and vibration, less fatigue and less weight. It’s a major step forward in aero wheel design.”

Echelon Sports have secured a shipment of Zipp 858 NSW and 808 Firecrest wheels to Australia for immediate delivery. To order, contact a Zipp stockist or order directly from Echelon Sports using their Click & Collect service.


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