Adelaide’s Daz Izaz Haynes who found and returned National Champion Luke Plapp’s lost GPS Computer.

Adelaide Local Reunites Luke Plapp With Lost Garmin GPS Computer

A little luck and a lot of local knowledge have earned an Adelaide rider a team issue jersey and helped the Australian road champion get his lost GPS back.

When he saw the coverage of Luke Plapp crashing out of the Tour Down Under on Thursday, Adelaide’s Daz Izaz Haynes recognised the corner and decided to go back to take a closer look.

Daz – the creator and owner of Eyropro handlebars – had ridden past the crash site the day before and stopped momentarily to have a look at the mess by the side of the road.

Luke Plapp was forced to retire from the Tour Down Under after the Stage 3 crash.

“I was checking out the blood, broken parts and and was about to leave when I saw what I thought was a mobile phone. It was not of course, but was a Garmin in the scrub alongside the roadway. It had a worn ‘Happy Plappy’ written on the back of it. 

“So I got in touch with Luke via social media, then arranged to meet him on Saturday at the Tour Village.

“He was thrilled to get the GPS back, totally stoked! He gave me a team jersey, bidons and a mussette, and was super grateful …. he’s a great guy.”

Luke Plapp with Daz at the Tour Down Under village in Adelaide.

One of Adelaide’s keenest and most hardcore riders, Daz Izaz Haynes often covers 500 to 700 km per week. When not out on the bike he puts an equally enormous amount of energy into his startup ergonomic handlebar company, Eyropro

Good on you Daz, we love a great yarn with a happy ending.

Daz’s shiny new Jayco Ulula bidons courtesy of Plappy and the team.


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