Australian Custom Bicycle Show 2012

Hand Crafted. Made in Australia. Not many cyclists can boast that their ride is either of these things. But anyone who is truly passionate about bicycles would be gobsmacked at the sheer beauty and exceptional quality that was on display at the inaugural Australian Custom Bicycle Show.

Read the full story on page 72 of Bicycling Australia’s March/April 2013 issue.

Baum Coretto

Beautifully finished Patebury adorned Bike

Busyman Deboss perforated lettering Selle San Marco Aymano

Busyman Deboss perforated motif Saddle

Busyman Deboss perforated motif Selle San Marco Rolls for KUMO Cycles

Busyman half perforated Selle Italia Turbo Super

Busyman handstitched bar tape

Busyman handstitched bar tape black

Busyman perforated Selle Italia SLR Flow

Busyman perforated Selle San Marco Mantra

Fikas Bike Copper effect close up

Fikas Bike with inset Copper effect

Fikas Chain a little different

Fikas Join

Gellie Custom Bike

Gellie Custom Bike join apart

Gellie Custom Bike join done up

Gellie Custom Down Tube

hand stitched busyman saddle for Baum


Kumo Hub

Kumo stem

Kumo with Busyman Saddle

Llewellyn bikes stacked

Llewellyn Cadenzia

Llewellyn Cadenzia side on

Llewellyn Cadenzia stem

Llewellyn lugs

Llewellyn Randonneur

Llewellyn Randonneur hub

Llewellyn Randonneur rack

Llewellyn Randonneur top tube

Patebury Display

Patebury Exhibit

Patebury Kangaroo Leather Bar tape

Patebury Kangaroo Leather hole punched Bar Tape

Patebury Kangaroo Leather Pedal Straps edge stitched

Patebury Kangaroo Leather Pedal Straps green

Patebury Kangaroo Leather Pedal Straps inside stitching

Patebury straps in display box

Peter Bundy down tube

Peter Bundy Steerer


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