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Cycling World Rally Behind Beardy McBeard After He Was Hit By Car

On Saturday, March 18th legendary Tasmanian cycling photographer Beardy McBeard was hit by a car while out riding his bike near Hobart. He sustained serious injuries which will require surgery, rehab, mental health support and changes to his lifestyle in the short and medium term.

You can support Beardy via this link.

Marcus Enno aka Beardy McBeard is a cycling photographer that has captured the world’s highest-profile cycling races such as the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia as well as numerous gravel and road mass participation rides across Australia.

If you have ridden a Yaffa Classic event, Goodness Gravel, Giro Della Donna, Gears and Beers etc… or been to the Tour Down Under, Cadels or World Champs there is a good chance you have already met or had your photo taken by Beardy. He is simply an icon of Australian cycling.

He has beaten Cancer and made it to the top of the photography profession but over the coming months, Beardy faces one of his toughest challenges as recovers from his injuries and works hard to get back to doing what he loves and helping to support his beautiful family.

Your donation to this fundraiser will go directly to Beardy and his costs, replacing lost work income and contributing towards his recovery.

Originally posted on Go Fund Me by Toby Shingleton. You can see the original post and donate to Beardy here.


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