Froome Releases Lab Results to Silence the Doubters

Recently Chris Froome was accompanied by Esquire Magazine to the GlaxoSmithKline Human Performance Lab in a bid to release his performance data to silence everyone who doubted his natural ability and provide transparency.

Two-time Grand Tour winner Froome has been surrounded by a lot of criticism after what he described as ‘irresponsible reporting’ for convincing fans of cycling that he may be a cheat because his level of performance is classed as super-human.

To prove the nonbelievers wrong, Froome endeavored to release his data to the public after the Tour de France from a laboratory in Brenton, West London.

The full article can be accessed here by Esquire Magazine.

Some of the figures that the average cyclist might be able to comprehend is Chris Froome’s sustained power of 419 watts, which he should be able to hold for between 20 and 40 minutes, this equates to 5.98 watts-per-kilogram. He also underwent scans to test his body composition and of 69.9kg total body weight, 61.5kg is lean mass and 6.7kg pure fat.

Some data is still to be processed but it has been mentioned that a full report will be written up and released which may include some of the missing information.



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