Video: Mudgee Classic On The Big Screen As Earlybird Entry Closes Sunday

Bicycling Australia parent company, Yaffa Media has launched its latest cinema and TV commercial for the new addition to its cycling Classic Series, the Mudgee Classic.

Launching in 2020, this is the first time the Gran Fondo ride will be held in the mid-western NSW town, as Yaffa Media continues to ramp up investment in the sport.

As corporate Australia searches for alternative sports sponsorship opportunities, some of the country’s top ASX-listed executives have begun to look to cycling as a serious option, with many taking part in various rides in the Classic Series, which also include Bowral, Clare and Noosa.

The campaign, produced by Kaptor Productions’ Matt Creighton and Liam Coleman highlights the scenic elements of the ride, as well as the various activities and tourism attractions throughout Mudgee.

Riders and their supporters can relax on a supplied bean bag and refuel on fine food, wine and craft beer that will be in abundance at the official event village.

High Praise From Kenny Sutcliffe

Retired sporting journalist, TV personality and Mudgee local Ken Sutcliffe has also thrown his support behind the event and praised its impact on local tourism.

“Mudgee the second oldest town west of the blue mountains is now a must-see experience tourist destination,” he says.

“Great wine, food and a coffee plus the best sporting facilities in regional NSW. It’s a cycling mecca boasting fabulous villages and riding roads.”

The Mudgee Classic is one of four cycling Gran Fondo events for the media brand, others including the Bowral Classic, Noosa Classic and Clare Classic, making it the largest platform of Gran Fondo cycling events in Australia.

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