Top Gear: Creux Badger Shirt and Merino Tees

  • Posted: 10th April 2013

Melbourne clothing company Creux combine casual clothing with funky and original designs. There’s three tees here for you to look at. The Badger Tee pays homage to Bernard Hinault, five times Tour de France winner. All Creux T-shirts are made with repositioned side seams and longer hems, so they look good while on the bike. The standard tees use a dry release fabric rather than plain cotton, to help dispel moisture.

The other two tees here are, like traditional jerseys, made from merino. Unusually, this merino is from Australia rather than New Zealand. It’s a lightweight version rather than the heavy old cycling jerseys, so you won’t fry while wearing it. Look like Coppi without the itch.

Price: Badger Tee: $64.95

Merino Tees: $109.95