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Women’s Cycling: We Ride Muze Kit

It has finally arrived, the women’s-specific cycling kit brand that has been rumoured and teased for a year, Muze. From a Sydney Spring to Adelaide Summer and London Winter, Muze have been well received by female riders around the world since their launch last year.

Finally, the cycling apparel companies are acknowledging there are enough of us that ride to make a profit. Enter Muze. The brand new Aussie brand led entirely by women was launched in December, and is creating a buzz about what it means to have designs that are styled for the women’s anatomy with practical little details, starting from the basics.

“Hold ‘em Down” Bra Crop

Every woman knows the struggle of trying to get in and out of a sports bra, which often requires some twisting and turning to get head and arms through while trying not to dislocate your shoulders in the process.

Although, in a way, we tolerate the tight fit otherwise it gets rather uncomfortable while being active.

On first impression, I was sceptical about this bra crop. It was too easy to put on and I didn’t feel suffocated by it. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and that’s the beauty of it. I was getting the necessary support without me feeling like I am getting my breath squeezed out of me. In fact, it felt so free from my body that during the ride I had forgotten I had it on. 

Muze is fast-becoming a popular apparel brand thanks to their female-specific designs, inclusions and features.

Then, there’s the small little details we all appreciate. Instead of the removable padding that other sports bras have, the stitched in padding makes it easy to wash and maintain, and for those who take cycling to the next level, there is a small pocket for the heart rate monitor so you can work out without another strap across the chest.

Now, cycling is considered a mid-impact sport, and due to the difference in bounce impact, not all sports bras are made equal. Muze claims that this bra crop is also designed for running and swimming, so I thought I’d also give these a run (pun intended) for the money.

And true to their words, this bra crop is great for the multi-disciplined athlete. Although, it does require some time to get used to as it isn’t the same feel as a traditional swim wear so it might feel ‘clunky’. As for running, it’s great for avoiding the gravitational drag that pounding on a pavement gives you. No complaints!

‘Face the Sun’ LS Jersey

Long sleeves for a summer’s day ride? The idea is something that may need some mentality change to get used to but it made perfect sense once I’d tried Muze’s long sleeve summer cycling jersey.

All the youth years of being told to ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ seem to fade as we get older and bolder. A cyclist is often out under the sun for long hours at a time, and depending on routes and road conditions there may or may not be shade. Sunscreen can only do so much, and when you are in the saddle for more than two hours, I know I sometimes forget to reapply.

Amy McPherson tries out the Muze cycling kit while riding Richmond Park in London.

The long sleeved jersey gave me that additional sun safety, especially when the jersey itself comes with UPF50+protection in the main body and UPF15+ along the meshed sleeves, which doesn’t feel at all hot during the ride. The additional plus of the sleeves is that it does give you that slight wind shield should the weather change suddenly on a ride, which is not something Muze has listed as a feature, but what I had found as a plus.

Aesthetically, this is quite a good looking jersey, even if I am personally not a fan of the colour white. The V neck is very comfortable, and I love the pocket positioning and the waterproof zip up pouch that is so useful when we don’t want something to get wet on rainy days (or simply by sweating into the pockets on hot days!). Phones and keys aside, it is perfect for a sanitary pad or tampons when you ride during that time of the month. Let’s face it, we can’t have those get wet already before we use them.

The Muze ‘See ya sausage legs’ cycling shorts.

‘See Ya Sausage Legs’ Shorts

What are sausage legs exactly? It’s when the cuff of your bib shorts are tighter than the general fabric of the rest of the shorts, which digs into your legs creating the image of a string of sausages. 

While it isn’t something uniquely to women, it still isn’t very comfortable when your circulation is almost cut from thigh to toe. Muze’s solution to this is this set of cycling bib shorts with hems that are tapered and cuff-free.

Then there’s the chamois. The padding rise and fall in sync with the intimate areas preventing compression, which I tried without cream and was extremely comfortable.

Overall, I have enjoyed riding in these bibs. The meshed front is very pleasant to wear as there are no straps to move sideways when your body goes in different directions. They look good too, I would go as far as calling it bib shorts with an evening dress style with the V-waist lower back. It is very sexy. 

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