DMT Prisma Shoes

The Prisma is DMT’s top of the line road shoe. An updated version is planned for 2012, but until then the 2011 model sits at the top of the DMT stable. Have a quick look at some of the shoes currently on the market and you’ll see that they’re packed with more features than you can poke a 6mm Allen key at.

The Prisma goes the other way. Instead of ratchets, straps and loops, the entire closure system is handled by a nylon cable running through two loops and the tongue. The result is sharp, streamlined, classy looking shoe. The vinyl upper is highly polished, which only adds to the bling factor.

However, looks aren’t everything. You need to have something that works well too. Fortunately for DMT, there’s some other nice stuff going on here as well. Staying with the closure system for a minute, there’s an impressive amount of pull from the lever. Ratchet systems can have you repeatedly pumping but here I found just two full pulls was enough to achieve a snug fit. Go too far and simply pushing the little red button in the middle of the will release the cable. In practice the first few times of riding in these shoes I found the button hard to use, but after a while they began to settle in.

The carbon sole is also very impressive. It’s light, thin and of course, very, very stiff. I also like the way that the footbed has been smoothed over inside where the various screws and attachments join the sole. The heel cup has a certain amount of grip, though a bit more would be nice and the carbon section of the sole is reasonably, though not overly wide, something that is a little exacerbated by the sudden tapering of the upper.

Ventilation is quite minimal, with the main airflow coming through the DMT logo on the outside and an equivalent area on the instep. The black dots on the forefoot are cosmetic only. There’s also some breathing holes on the tongue to let some of the heat build-up out. In fact the tongue is the only area on this shoe that is a little odd because on the outside of the foot it reaches right down to the inner sole. This effectively makes the shoe more narrow and you have to be careful putting them on to avoid the tongue curling up. The advantage of this however, is that the tongue doesn’t slip at all. It just stays in place no matter how long you ride.

The Prisma, quite rightly, are DMT’s top shoe. They have excellent power transfer, are comfortable if your feet aren’t exceptionally wide and look very, very good. Check ‘em out.

Weight: 302g (size 45)

Price: $299

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