This frame is fitted with a Knog Scout security device, can you see it?
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Bike Security: The Knog Scout

One of ‘the products of the decade’, we fit and test out the Knog Scout security device.

With bike theft increasing at an alarming rate across Australia, the home-grown product we are testing here is one of the most standout accessories to have graced the Bicycling Australia pages in years.

And don’t just take our word for it, the Knog Scout recently won the bike & outdoor industry’s coveted Design & Innovation Award for 2023.

A subtle and lightweight security device, there’s way more to the unobtrusive Knog Scout than meets the eye. Inside this 25g black plastic casing is a motion-detecting anti-theft alarm and a geolocating bikefinder all in one.

How It Works

Based on Apple’s ‘Find My’ network – a crowdsourced web of literally hundreds of millions of Apple devices with Bluetooth all around Australia and the world – the Scout links your bike into this ever-expanding system.

“OK, so I also have to buy an AirTag, and where does it go?” you may say. Not at all – the $99 tracker is all you need. In 2021 Apple updated the Find My app while simultaneously announcing that third-party products could use the private and secure finding capabilities of the expansive network.

“…So far as bike security goes, the Knog Scout is a game-changer…”

The Knog Scout comes with an optional high-vis rubber cover. Covert or a visual deterrent? It’s up to you.

“The Find My network accessory program opens up the vast and global Find My network to third-party device manufacturers,” an Apple rep said at the time.

Fitted with the FindMy technology and therefore not needing an Airtag, the Scout connects wirelessly to a user’s iPhone and is programmed and set up via the Knog IOS App. It’s not currently available for Android due to solely relying upon the Apple system.

To the device itself, and it can be discreetly mounted under the bottle cage. It’s also shipped with a yellow silicon cover so some users may opt to ride with one bottle cage and have their Knog Scout more obviously located on other cage bosses. Regarding fitting, the Scout is also shipped with its own anti-theft cage bolts plus a unique tool to attach or remove the device to the frame.

Power wise, charging is via a USB-C plug that’s concealed under a rubber cover. The good news is you won’t have to charge it too often, the battery is said to last up to six months depending upon use (and how often the alarm sounds!).

Controlled via the Knog app, the device is simple to setup with the user being walked through the easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. It’s also worth mentioning the user can choose from various alarm sounds, all of them LOUD!

Arming and disarming the device can be done one of two ways: via the button on the side of the device when the connected iPhone is nearby or via the app when the Scout is within Bluetooth range.

Simple, smart and easy to fit, the Knog Scout is a no-brainer.

Real World Test

Once armed, all it takes is for someone to move the bike and an internal motion sensor will activate an 85 decibel alarm. And yes, that’s loud!

While recently being shown over the App at Knog HQ in Melbourne, the serenity of the chilled out creative space was suddenly pierced by a screeching shrill. Yes, someone had moved Marketing Coordinator Colin Brown’s bike to get their own ride out of the rack. With the alarm sounding, instant phone notification and pinpoint location, it was a perfect example of the Scout’s capabilities.

Asked about an alternative scenario where an unattended bike was not where you left it, Colin demonstrated how it could be quickly located using the ‘Find My’ app. To do this just download the Find My app, tap the ‘+’ in the top right corner, and add your Knog Scout.

Summing Up

So far as bike security goes, the Knog Scout is a game-changer. It’s well-priced, small, subtle, and offers tremendous peace of mind. It’s simple to set up, has a great battery life, and is easy to use. It’s not at all surprising to hear that it won the major award, and satisfying to know it’s an Aussie-born product. Top work Knog, we love it. 


Compatible with iOS only

Motion-sensitive 85 db audio alarm for immediate deterrence

Can be located quickly using Apple’s ‘Find My’ app

Operated using Knog’s iOS app

Mounts to standard water cage braze-ons

Can be mounted under water cage for discretion

Use supplied anti-tamper screws to mount securely

Neon silicone cover provided to advertise security device (if desired)

Arm / disarm using button (within 1.5 m) on app within bluetooth range

LEDs show alarm status & battery charge

USB-C rechargeable with 6 month battery life (cable not included)

Water resistant IP66 rating (wash-proof)

Weighs just 25 grams

RRP $99

More at


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