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Bike Storage: The Classic Steadyrack Tested

The simplest ideas are often the best, and this classic Aussie designed bike storage rack proves that to a T, as we see here.

“How good is that bike rack?!” exclaimed the excited barista at the Brisbane cafe. Taken somewhat by surprise by his enthusiasm, I had spotted the side-by-side Steadyracks from out the front and made a beeline for them with the bike.

“Just fold the bracket down and lift your bike in,” he said, as he frothed another coffee on that sunny Queensland morning. “Cheers mate,” I politely replied while rolling the bike into the rack.

Ordering coffee and chatting further, it turns out the barista was also a bike rider and, as if it wasn’t obvious, was quite a fan of the Steadyrack. So much so he’d purchased and installed two of them on the wall outside Fuelled Cafe & Bar on Mervivale Street. Oh, and BTW … the coffee there is fab, as is the smashed avo, not to mention the secure bike parking!

A genuine Aussie success story, the Steadyrack bike storage solution is a classic example of the simplest ideas often being the best. No nonsense in design and activation, the rack offers a simple but quite ingenious way of securely storing a bike.

The back of the rack is secured to a wall via four screws that sit under two face plates. A rear tyre rest point is also attached to the wall, under the rack (and in position to buffer the tyre and wall).

Putting a bike into the rack is as simple as folding down the front wheel holder and lifting the wheel into place.

The mechanical assistance offered by the turning front wheel helps the bike to roll in and out of the rack.

The Steadyrack includes a pivot, so several bikes can be stored alongside each other and pushed left or right to save space.

Depending upon how high you mount the rack, it’s also possible to wheel the bike towards the rack on the back wheel and simply roll and lift the front wheel into the secure housing (this is well demonstrated via video on the Steadyrack website).

…We’ve been using various Steadyracks for some time and really can vouch for the convenience, neatness and simplicity factors…

So how does the bike stay in place? Via the convenience, security and reliability of gravity.

Another useful feature of the storage system is the fact the rack is designed to pivot up to 160 degrees so you can angle your bike (left or right) to be closer to the wall. This helps maximise storage space and ultimately allows you to keep more bikes in less space (or have your bike(s) take up less space).

Sounds simple, and it really is. We’ve been using various Steadyracks for some time and really can vouch for the convenience, neatness and simplicity factors. They’re an impressive Aussie invention and have proven popular right around the world.

While the Classic rack best suits road cyclists, several other models are available including an MTB, Fatbike rack and a Steadyrack suitable for bikes with fenders.

The racks retail for $99 and more information is available at


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