The 15mm thick clear acrylic makes the Ghost Racks strong and rigid, while allowing for a small amount of flex.

Bike Storage: We Test Out Ghost Racks

With high-end bikes now selling for eye-watering sums of money, your pride and joy no longer deserves to be hidden away in the garage. But how can you neatly display your bike in the living space? Most solutions on the market have unremarkable, ugly setups that crowd rooms and overshadow the bikes they support.

Ghost Racks are clear 15mm acrylic, custom-made bike racks that let you store your bike neatly and without visual interference. The idea behind them is that it’s not about the racks; it’s about what they are displaying. The neat, clear racks let you see all of what is being displayed, without obstruction.

Horizontal Shelf Rack

We’ve tested out the Horizontal Shelf Rack and Multi Angled Rack, and we can attest to their unobtrusive design and impressive build quality. The company even offer custom racks, allowing for you to specify them to your needs and wants.

Keen to store your pride and joy inside so you can look at it 24/7? Ghost Racks are a neat & tidy storage solution.

With both racks, you’ll need to spend a few minutes measuring everything up against your bike though, to ensure it sits level once the rack arms are mounted to the wall.

Multi Angled Rack

The Multi Angled Rack (RRP AUD$149) has two separate arms that are mounted to the wall. You can mount these at different heights to allow for your bike frame to sit comfortably on the arms. Additionally, you can space the arms out horizontally as much as you need to, to ensure the bike is as stable as possible.

Horizontal Shelf Rack

The Horizontal Shelf Rack (RRP $249) offers space above the bike to store your helmet or shoes, as well as being fairly adjustable to suit differing frame designs. An added benefit with this model is that you can adjust the arm heights without having to remove any screws from the wall. This is great if you are planning on hanging multiple bikes over time.

The 15mm thick clear acrylic makes the racks strong and rigid, while allowing for a small amount of flex in all directions (which is needed in case of any bumps or knocks). What I like most about these racks is that even if your bike isn’t on them, against light-coloured walls, the racks are barely visible and don’t impose on any living space.

Owner Shane and his Ghost Racks team have been kind enough to offer Bicycling Australia readers a discount. Keep an eye on our social channels over coming weeks for more information.

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