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DJO Osmo Action 4: The Handheld Dynamo

DJI recently rolled out its latest portable camera, the Osmo Action 4, so how suited is it for cycling?

At first glance, this Action 4 from DJI closely resembles its predecessor but, under the hood, this camera has undergone significant upgrades that position it as a serious contender against market leading GoPro.

Pick one up and hold it in the hand for the first time and the DJI has a solid, professional and rugged feel. Internally, one of the standout features is the larger 1/1.3-inch sensor, a game-changer for low-light performance and better light capturing, making those dusk and dawn rides look even more spectacular.

What’s more, the Action 4 now supports professional settings like Log video capture, giving better editing control over footage. Make no mistake, small cameras like the Osmo can now create the most amazing pro-level output.

“…one of the standout features is the larger 1/1.3-inch sensor, a game-changer for low-light performance and better light capturing…”

Where it gets exciting for cyclists who are always on the move is the Action 4’s rugged magnetic mount system.

Surprisingly simple but super strong, the clip makes it easy to switch the camera between mounts. This, combined with the improved sensor, gives the Action 4 a distinct advantage in terms of user convenience and adaptability, especially when you’re transitioning from road to gravel.

To image quality and stabilisation, how does it fare against its arch-nemesis, the GoPro Hero 12? Well, in low-light situations, like capturing those cozy campsite moments after a long ride, the Osmo Action 4 steals the show. It captures intricate details in the shadows and reproduces colours with remarkable accuracy, even in challenging mixed lighting scenarios.

Pushed to the limit, the low-light performance of action cameras does have its limitations due to the small sensor size, but under the sun, the image quality is eye opening. To controls, and the Action 4 boasts front and rear touch screens. There’s a commendable battery life of 72 minutes, and a build that screams durability and professionalism. Although we didn’t toss it off the bike mid-ride, its sturdy construction hints that it could handle accidental mistreatment.

In Australia, the Osmo Action 4, bundled with accessories like the grip stick and an extra battery pack, comes at a price of $879. With its enhanced sensor technology, user-friendly features, and robust build, the Osmo Action 4 is the go-to choice for cycling enthusiasts who demand versatility and reliability from their action cameras. It sure is impressive and the imagery (plus video) are first class.

Summing up, the Osmo is a handheld dynamo. 


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