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Endura Pro Body Bars

These high protein, low carbohydrate bars provide 18g of protein in a soy/whey blend, along with only 6g of impact carbohydrate in each serve to assist body composition and lean body mass. Endura Pro Body bars are a low carbohydrate snack designed to help fuel your body in preparation for race day or a training program. Available in two flavours; Mint Slab and Deluxe Fudge.

Price: $4.95 60g bar

Distributed by Endura  www.endura.com.au


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‘Windmill’ stretch for TFL and ITB  Stand on right leg with left leg tucked in front.  Keep all weight on right leg. Relax muscles around right hip so it pops out to the side. You should feel a stretch on the outside of the right hip. Lift right arm above head and stretch across to the left side.  You should feel the stretch increase. Hold a gentle stretch for greater than 20 seconds. Perform x 3 per day at work, as well as pre-ride.

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