Edge 510

Garmin Edge 510 and Edge 810

New entrants in the GPS market are appearing thick and fast, taking on established players like Garmin, with smart phones and their apps also entering the fray. Garmin’s latest bike specific offerings, the Edge 510 and 810, bring new features to keep ahead of their rivals.  The 810 at 91mm is only seven mm longer than the 510, and is the same width. Both models track and display speed and time data and have HRM and cadence upgrades available.  As with its predecessor, the 810 features on-screen map guidance, while the more compact 510 retains basic GPS data capture functionality. Impressive new features include the ability to toggle settings via touch screen buttons, and Bluetooth connectivity with your Smartphone, enabling live tracking, social media sharing and real-time weather updates. The Out Front mount provides an alternate location for your Garmin head unit. It attaches to round bars and can free up some space on your stem or bars.

Edge 510, Price $399, Weight 89g

Edge 810, Price $499, Weight 106g

Out Front Mount, Price $40, Weight 32g

Distributed by Garmin www.garmin.com.au  

Edge 810

Edge 510


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