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Rotor Launch Low Friction Rvolver Hub System

One of the fascinating new product releases at EuroBike 2017 was from Rotor, the Spanish company that never seem to surprise on the innovation and engineering front.

Rotor’s Rvolver hub features a unique internal clutch that disengages drive when the rider stops pedalling. This reduces friction as the Rotor Engineering Manager David Martinez explained to us on day 2 of Eurobike.

Lightweight Aluminium Construction

As with the majority of Rotor’s products, the Rvolver hubs are constructed entirely of aluminium with steel only used in the ratchet, pawls and spring. According to Martinez they are the lightest and most efficient hubs available.

“We have a floating crown,” he said.
“When you are coasting the ring moves away to reduce the force … the drag is reduced for maximum efficiency. When the rider starts pedalling again the pulse engages fully and transmits torque from the free hub body to the main body of the system.”

The Rvolver hub will be available for rim and disc configurations with matching front hubs also on the way. According to Rotor the rim brake version rear hub weighs in at 198g & 230g in disc configuration. 

Australian pricing will be made available shortly.


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