Envie Advanced 2 Compact

The Body Geometry Deflect Gloves

Phones and some GPS units are opting for capacitive touch screen interface. This is great except when the weather turns cold and you start wearing long-fingered gloves. The problem is that regular gloves will often not conduct the electrostatic charge from your skin to let you operate these devices. The Body Geometry Deflect gloves use Specialized’s WireTap technology to let you make calls without taking your gloves off. They are rated for temperatures down to 7ºC and have lengthened cuffs at the wrist for extra warmth. The gloves have been designed to reduce hand numbness by relieving handlebar pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerve. High visibility black reflective graphics keep you safe at night, and they’re not so obtrusive as to detract from overall good looks in the daytime.

Price: $60

Distributed by Specialized



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Envie Advanced 2 Compact

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Envie Advanced 2 Compact

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