Envie Advanced 2 Compact

Top Gear: The Moon Meteor Light

The Moon Meteor 100 (100 lumens) light is a compact, water resistant, USB chargeable unit with three intensity levels and a flashing mode. The light has a stretchy rubber mounting strap for 22-31.8mm bars and is easy to fit and remove. Lithium polymer (li-po) batteries are increasingly being used in rechargeable devices, as in this one; with the benefit of no ‘memory’ effect reducing run times. It’s bright enough for commuting but more of a ‘to be seen’ than a ‘to see with’ light.

Run time is up to two hours on the overdrive setting and over eight hours on the flashing mode. It will recharge in two hours.

Price: $49.95

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Envie Advanced 2 Compact

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Envie Advanced 2 Compact

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