Lynskey signature dropouts feature the shamrock cutout.

Top Gear: Bontrager Air Support HP Pro Short

Designed with a smaller volume chamber for higher-pressure tires, this shiny pump looks and feels well-made, and allows you to inflate tyres up to 120 psi. There is the increasingly common hidden, integrated hose that helps by way of allowing some movement of the pump body while you are pumping rather than clamping the end of the pump body onto the valve stem. The pump also comes with an offset bracket for mounting next to your bidon cage.


Distributed by: Bontrager


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Lynskey signature dropouts feature the shamrock cutout.

Top Gear: Bontrager Aero Handlebars

Apart from the genuine Phil Anderson Motorola team bike, the other bikes on the wall are customers’ bikes either awaiting repair or pickup after repairs.

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