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Top Gear: Glow Worm Light

The days are getting longer but that doesn’t mean you don’t need lights. In fact, with the weather warming up, night time can be a good time for some extra training. This light, the Glow Worm, is designed in New Zealand. It has 1,200 lumens and the manufacturers say that figure still takes into account any los of light through optics or other components.

There are four modes, Commuter, MTB, Racing and one called ‘Bush’. At maximum output, run time is 2.5 hours, rising to 3.5 hours on the commuter setting. Recharge time is four hours.

Once nice thing about this light is the optional extras. A helmet strap comes standard, but you can also purchase a head strap for use when bushwalking, caving or the like. The Glow Worm has an extra long cable to facilitate this function and an extension is also available, should you need it. Next month a smaller two cell battery pack will be available to clip onto the head strap  for short road journeys.

Price: $299

Distributed by Bicycle Peddler

Ph. (03) 9729 2001


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Yep. We'd agree wotj tjat/

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