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Top Gear: Wingman Bag

Here’s a funky idea for the commute to the office. The Side On Bag is a little like a suit bag. You put your suit or work clothes in in the normal way. It then rolls up, creating a small storage area in the middle, while not creasing your clothes.
Rolling into a tubular shape with a diameter of approximately 25cm, the bag has semi-rigid PVC ribs running up the length, preventing it from folding. It’s carried messenger bag style and will fit into the overhead compartment of a plane.

The Wingman also comes with a rain cover and a sausage shaped utility bag that fits inside the rolled suit bag to carry clothes, shoes, towels, toiletries and other accessories. Additionally, it features a side pocket that can accommodate a tablet computer and A4 note pad.

Price: $179

Distributed by: Henty Designs

Office: Ph. (03) 6223 1815


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Yep. We'd agree wotj tjat/

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Yep. We'd agree wotj tjat/

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