Top Gear i-Kneed Massage Roller


This is one of those products that everybody in the Bicycling Australia office enjoys coming in to be photographed. It’s a massager that you old in your hand, with a large rolling ball. This makes it easy to vary the pressure applied and being a ball means that it can be moved in any direction. It makes it easy to rub out sore legs after a long ride and you can freeze or heat the i-Kneed before use.

The top section of the device is recessed, meaning you can add massage oil or cream to the top section, which acts as a kind of well. The ball then collects the oil as you move it round and round and transfers it to your skin.

The i-kneed massager comes in three sizes, two larger models for home use and a smaller one for travelling.

Price: $39.90

Distributed by Wreel Industries.


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