Top Gear Foss Inner Tube

If you were at the Ausbike show early this year you may have been bemused to see a row of clear inner tubes hanging from a stand with nails through them. Those tubes were Foss tubes. Made from highly polymerized un-vulcanized rubber composite insteadof butyl rubber these tubes have a greater puncture resistance. Depending what actually goes through them, they will have two reactions. A sharp object such as a nail will likely stay in the tube. The material of the tube grips the nail, preventing air from leaking out. This means that you’ll most likely be able to ride to your destination where you can change the tube. The other, and perhaps more important reaction, is a slow release of air. Where a butyl tube will explode, potentially causing a serious accident, the silicone tube will give you time to regain control and pull over. That’s definitely worth consideration.


Price: $19.95

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