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Neuromagnetics Australia are a local company that specialise in the treatment of acute pain. Q magnets are their signature product. Unlike your infomercial magnetic blanket, Q magnets are registered as a genuine therapeutic product worldwide. The Q stands for ‘quadrapolar’. Unlike a normal magnet which has two poles, Q magnets have four. This allows the magnetic field to penetrate into your body. The larger the magnet, the greater the penetration of that field.

According to Neuromagnetics, they work by exerting a force on a moving charged particle. A nerve impulse is propagated by the movement of charged particles, mainly Na+ (Sodium), K+ (Potassium) and Ca2+ (Calcium) through the nerve cell membrane. The Q magnets website has a vast amount of information and it’s worth having a look, particularly the ‘how Q magnets work’ section.

Q magnets are available in numerous packages ranging from $20 for a single magnet to over $300 for a complete kit. Shown here is the General Use pack, which comes with a carry case, four main magnets and six smaller ones. This pack retails for $211.  


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