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Top Gear: Rouleur Annual Volume 6 Book

I have heard people comment that this book looks like an indulgent mess, a kitchen table collection of images from amateur photographers in a fancy cover. And it’s not your usual pictorial expose. The judgment is more than a tad harsh, the images are very high quality; some quite beautiful. Perhaps it’s the quirky or banal subject matter interspersed between the high quality cycling shots of pro riders that concerns them… e.g. “Forlorn basset hound walks past BMC bus in the mountain top car park”, or “Squirrel perches on apple-picking gnome’s arm”. My favourite chapter is ‘Chasing Motorbikes’, a collection of images of the restored dernies beside their proud and more than a little eccentric pilots.

Hardcover, 320pp, $75

Distributed by Bloomsbury Publishing


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