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Win Alpecin Gear: Athletes at Higher Risk of Hair Loss 

The first hair loss warning signs were uncovered in a US study in 2005: high physical and mental performance generates harmful stress with negative consequences for the hair, as a German pilot study* has subsequently revealed.

Testosterone plays a key role in this finding. During high-stress periods and physical exercise, both testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol experience an increase. The result is a lack of energy, quickly noticeable in the hair roots, and hair loss is the consequence.

Cycling types that are particularly at risk are race and marathon. Both consciously go to the limits of their physical capabilities at extreme speeds.

Fortunately, sportspeople affected by possible hair loss can now do something about it. These days, hair loss can be specifically targeted, for example, by using Alpecin Caffeine Liquid Forte, a hair tonic containing caffeine. Its caffeine complex improves hair growth and recharges your hair daily to maintain a full and strong appearance.

Caffeine is nothing for sportspeople to worry about, as it is no longer on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited substances list. Caffeine can be safely used without reservation, not just in the form of coffee but as a means of preventing hair loss.

This fact differentiates caffeine from other substances, such as finasteride, which are prohibited and have already led to positive doping findings.

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*Source: Pilot study involving professional and amateur handball players. The pros involved are under contract with the Handball-Bundesliga club TBV Lemgo (Germany). Study was conducted by SALUTO (Halle, Westphalia) and Dr. Wolff Research (Bielefeld).


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