Riders had to rinse pepper spray from their eyes. Image Bob McPartland / Eurosport.

Athletes Gel: How It Can Assist Your Cycling, Pre & Post Ride

A revolutionary three-in-one topical gel designed for not only cyclists but athletes in every sporting field, Athletes Gel is one of those relatively new products you just keep hearing about.


Australian made and all natural, this  pre and post-ride and training gel is the result of two years research and development. It is designed to assist in the reduction of external pain symptoms, bruising and inflammation, and is based on the natural ingredients used in the formula and their traditional history of use.

Four Natural Ingredients

The ingredients include wintergreen, capsaicin, arnica and clove, and – according to those who have used the product – the response and results are nothing short of phenomenal. 

Chris Miller, the well-known Sydney rider and leader of Nero KOM Racing, has been using Athletes Gel for the past few months and says it’s now an important part of his pre and post-ride routines.

“We initially started using the product to assist with recovery, especially on back-to-back race weekends,” he told us. 

“However, after the success of that method and with the onset of winter, we’ve been using the gel as a pre-race ointment to warm the legs up,” he continued.

Team rider Angus Calder also sings the product’s praises, saying it is helping him through the bitter cold of winter.

“Cold mornings are definitely not as painful as they used to be with the use of the gel,” he said.

“Once the gel is activated you get a solid 30-40min of warmth, enough to get you through those first few painfully cold kilometres.”

Three Common Questions

What makes Athletes Gel so good? It’s an Aussie made product containing all natural ingredients and also Paraben-free. It consists of four active ingredients and the quality and quantity makes it one of the strongest available products anywhere in the world.

Does Athletes Gel pass WADA and ASADA testing? Yes. The Athletes Gel formula has been successfully tested internationally and has passed anti-doping authority check lists for banned substances.

Is Athletes Gel TGA approved? Yes. It is fully certified with Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA). License Number – AUST L 295444.

Pre Ride, Post Ride & Pain

Along with the warm up benefits the product is described as greatly assisting in the relief of pain and helping with quicker recovery.  As more people hear about the revolutionary gel, more are offering their unbiased reviews with some recent online samples including –

Andrea Killen: Fabulous product – it has really helped my old knees.

Cooley John: Gets me through training, love it!

Wam Pembroke: Having undergone 5 major spinal operations, I need to keep everything moving and keep strengthening my core. I use Athletes Gel before morning stretches, Pilates classes and the gym. I know it gives Athletes the Edge but AG is my partner that help keeps me moving. Thanks guys, a life-improving product!

Bicycling Australia have partnered with the Aussies behind Athletes Gel – the product is being offered to our readers via a unique online sales portal. Click here to find out more and order your Athletes Gel today.



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Riders had to rinse pepper spray from their eyes. Image Bob McPartland / Eurosport.

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Riders had to rinse pepper spray from their eyes. Image Bob McPartland / Eurosport.

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