A Bontrager WaveCel helmet.

Curve Cycling : The Bikes, The Wheels & The People

Designed in Australia and rapidly gaining a revered reputation the world over, Curve Cycling has become synonymous with endurance, reliability and adventure.

Ever curious and always supportive – particularly of the smaller players in the Australian cycling scene – we spoke with a representative of Curve Cycling with the goal of finding out more about the brand.

Adam Lana, who’s in charge of brand development, said the people at Curve believe the world is a better place when others are out riding bikes, and their mission is strive to give fellow riders new and exciting experiences via products and adventures.

Well-known endurance rider Ryan Flinn, Sales Director of Curve, puts one of the brand’s titanium bikes through its paces. Image:Ben Lehnern

“We build our products to go beyond the “honeymoon period” and continue performing throughout it’s expected lifecycle. We take great pride in each and every piece and would never release something to the market that we wouldn’t use ourselves,” Adam Lana told Bicycling Australia. 

“On our journey, we have consulted some of Australia’s most respected riders, carbon engineers, mechanics and the smart racers looking to better invest their money in products that are honest, do what they are supposed to do and promise not bombard the rider with marketing and technical BS. Our story is real and our products are up for as much adventure as you can throw at them.”

We’ve seen the bikes, heard the strories about the bulletproof wheels, and read of the many endurance adventures, now let’s meet the people behind Curve.

Curve Cycling’s impressive G4T 45mm wheelset. 

Steve Varga – Founder and Product Developer 
Steve has had a long history racing, riding and working on 2 wheels. Steve’s background in furniture design and manufacturing helped form Curves ethos for well designed, solid products designed and made for purpose. His eye for detail and technical knowledge allowed Steve to take his passion a step further to develop and launch his own range of products and form Curve Cycling.

Jesse Carlsson – Co-Founder SuperFreak, and Product Testing 
Jesse is a former BMX world champ with a PhD in physics. Jesse is well-known in the MTB community for his adventure riding and solo racing prowess. He is also a co-founder of a capital investment firm with a vested interest in carbon fiber car wheel manufacturer, CarbonRev. Jesse doesn’t tolerate inferior products and really puts Curve products to the test.

Adam Lana – Brand Development, Design and everything else
Adam was one of Curve’s first customers. After falling in love with the product, Adam wanted to help bring Curve Cycling to the world. He is the co-founder of award-winning creative agency Swear Words and can ride almost any type of bike and ride it with poise, control and speed. Adam became a partner in 2014 and joined the team full-time at the end of 2015. 

Ryan Flinn – Grand Ambassador, Sales Lead 
Rhino has always been a close friend of Curve. His riding pursuits and antics have seen him ride the 5,500km Indian Pacific Wheel Race, Red Hook Crit in Barcelona, Cape Epic MTB and World Triathlon Championships in Beijing and Auckland. You may have also seen him take over a few Cycling Maven Youtube videos or watched his instagram videos in utter confusion. Curve welcome Ryan to the Curve business as our new Sales Director and Grand Ambassador.



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A Bontrager WaveCel helmet.

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