Peter Sagan meets 'Oppy', the Tour Down Under mascot.

Final Countdown: Top 10 Reasons To Ride The 2017 Bowral Classic

With a week to go until the Bowral Classic, now’s the time to be out on the bike preparing for one of the cycling highlights of the year – a dream day enjoying the stunning roads and breathtaking scenery only the Southern Highlands can offer.

The good news is there are still limited spaces in the 120km Challenge-Classic and 160km Maxi-Classic rides! Not many of us need an extra incentive to ride but for those who still havn’t signed up here are our top 10 reasons to register.

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1:  The Achievement

Whether it’s the 120km or 160km ride you decide to do, one thing’s for sure and that’s the sense of achievement you’ll enjoy during, upon completion and long after the ride.

2: The Personal Challenge

Maybe you want to complete your first-ever 100km + ride or improve upon the time you set last year – personal challenge is a big part of the Bowral Classic experience. Spending time at last year’s finish area there was celebration, jubilation and even tears from those who’d finally accomplished a major life goal.

3: The Cycling

It’s not often we cyclists get the chance to ride predominately on quiet country back roads, away from city traffic, and marshalled for your safety. Ask anyone who rode the inaugural Bowral Classic and they’ll tell you how good it felt to enjoy the freedom this unique cycling experience offers.

4: The Location

The Southern Highlands has been described as ‘a small slice of Europe just 90 minutes from Sydney.’ With its relaxed and quaint village atmosphere, fine food, fantastic coffee, unique antique shops and stunning parks and gardens, the region is a memorable destination in itself.

Add to that the brilliant cycling over rolling hills and on smooth, car-free roads and you’ll feel a world away from the daily grind.

5: For Unknown Others

The Bowral Classic is a lot of fun but there’s also a serious side to the event. Last year riders raised almost $110,000 for various charity groups via the unique ‘choose your charity’ system. Even if you only raise just $100 in the final 4-weeks, that’s precious funding that will make a huge difference to those who need it most.

6: The Camaraderie

More than just a one-day event, the Southern Highlands region is brimming with keen and passionate cyclists during the entire weekend of the Bowral Classic. People just like you – old and new friends comparing bikes, telling tall tales and true, discussing recent rides and maybe even comparing Strava times and records.

The atmosphere is warm, exciting and electric … some even said the 2016 Bowral Classic had a similar atmosphere to a Tour de France stage!

7: For Freedom 

Let’s face it, none of us get as much precious bike time as we’d like. Cycling the wide open spaces of Southern Highlands offers an incredible sense of freedom. It’s big sky country – breathtaking views, distant hills and clean, clear fresh air. No wonder ‘Feel The Freedom’ is the event motto.

8: The Event Village 

Food, beer, coffee … and endless bikes to oogle and drool over. Sounds like cycling heaven doesn’t it! The post-ride village at the inaugural Bowral Classic was a huge hit and this year it will be even better.

Imagine relaxing on a beanbag, chair or the soft grass, reliving your ride with friends as you tuck into a variety of the fine food, brilliant beers and quality coffee on offer. You could stay all afternoon and we’d love you to!

9: Your Health 

Cycling is a proven way to improve your general fitness and most importantly, the health of your heart and cardiovascular system. It also makes you happy! Ever seen a miserable cyclist? Well maybe for a short time on the more gruelling hills of the event … but after the ride there’ll be a smile on everyone’s dial.

10: For The Feeling 

It’s 9pm on Sunday October 22. You’ve completed the Bowral Classic and now at home or in the hotel resting. You’re reflecting upon a standout day on the bike and, despite the stinging legs, dreaming of doing it again. You’ll rest well knowing you’ve completed the challenge, enjoyed a solid workout, and done yourself a world of good.

But wait, there’s more.

There are a lot more than just 10 things to love about cycling and the Bowral Classic … rather than go on all day we’d better finish with this one.

11: The Addiction

Most addictions in this world are bad for you … not this one! The Bowral Classic is guaranteed to make you want to ride again and again and again! And that’s got to be good for you.

With just 4 weeks to go until this year’s event on October 22, now’s the time to sign up, get some pre-ride kilometres into the legs and prepare for the 2017 Bowral Classic.

With the 45km Social-Classic officially sold out, limited spaces still remain for the 120km Challenge-Classic and 160km Maxi-Classic. Visit and register today!


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Peter Sagan meets 'Oppy', the Tour Down Under mascot.

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