First Look: New Wahoo Elemnt Roam GPS Cycling Computer

Bicycling Australia have been recently testing the latest release from Wahoo Fitness, the new ELEMNT ROAM, the brand’s third GPS cycling computer and first with a colour screen.

An impressive unit, the ROAM offers a number of standout features. One we soon became excited about was the in-unit navigation functions. A user can now zoom in on a chosen location and easily set up turn-by-turn navigation. The system will re-route should you miss a turn, and a menu option offers directions back to the start point (particularly handy for those geographically challenged, like the author). 

The ROAM is around the same size as the ELEMNT but styled more like the aero-optimised BOLT. The screen is obviously bigger than the BOLT, but not quite the size of the original ELEMNT. Having been using the BOLT for the past few months, the screen size and overall form of the new unit was refreshing to use & considered the perfect size.

The Elemnt ROAM features a colour screen, extra battery life and advanced route planning & homing features.

Larger Battery, Extra Features

The ROAM maintains a sleek look on the bike while offering a stack of extra features and a boosted battery life (17 hours as opposed to a stated 15 hours with the BOLT).

Wahoo say the ROAM is ‘designed to help cyclists ride further, longer, and explore new roads or trails.’ It features an intuitive design with the simple, no-nonsense operation and synch features we’ve become acustomed to from the ELEMNT series. 

Fitting the test unit to a 3T Exploro adventure bike we certainly found it to be the perfect pairing. With improved battery life, increased screen size ( a 2.7” colour display) and more data available due to that extra real estate space, the ROAM certainly fits the bill for the adventure or touring cyclist.

The unit features an ambient light sensor that automatically turns the screen backlight on or off and adjusts the brightness of the screen. Tested in the late afternoon of a Sydney winter – with dusk was punctuated by eager street lights – the ambient sensor worked well.

Just like the BOLT there’s an integrated out-front mount that gives ROAM a clean, sleek look. The unit we are currently testing came with a slick K-Edge alloy out-front mount.

Key Features Of The New ELEMNT ROAM

  • Get Me Started — Navigates cyclists to the start of their route
  • Back On Track — Navigates cyclists back to their route if they take a wrong turn
  • Take Me To — Allows cyclists to select a location on their ROAM using new pan and zoom functionality, and get directions to that location
  • Saved Locations — Easily route to locations saved on ROAM
  • Route To Start — Find the shortest route back to the start of your ride
  • Retrace Route — Reverse your route to navigate back to the start along the original route.
  • The new GPS cycling computer is available now for an RRP of $599.95.

Other Wahoo ELEMNT GPS computers include the ELEMNT ($449.95), ELEMNT BOLT ($399.95), and ELEMNT MINI ($149.95). Wahoo recently released the ELEMNT BOLT Limited Edition in the popular pink and blue colours to better complement any bike and kit also at $399.95.


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