Oscar Stevenson in his Tour of Bright Winners Jersey.

Jaggad Giro Spray Jacket and Bastia Bib Tights

Jaggad Giro Spray Jacket

This jacket has been created to repel wet and wintery conditions while maintaining comfort and looking good into the bargain. The Jaggad gear has a high end feel and appealing style with good colour palette and some nice features like the tabs sewn into the seams and graphical features printed on the fabric.

The hem around the waist is nicely shaped to fit well while riding, shorter in the front and longer in the back and has silicone elastic built in to prevents the jacket from riding up. Along with this, the taped seams and deep cuffs help keep out wind and water. The fabric feels very nice to touch and moves well with your body. It’s a soft and stretchy micro fibre fabric with an 8:5 membrane bonded on both sides.

The 8:5 rating indicates the fabric’s water resistance capacity and its breathability level. The 8 means that the material can support a water column of 8000 mm before gravity will pull the water through, and the 5 indicates this fabric will wick 5,000 grams of water per square metre of fabric per 24 hour period (g/m2/24hrs). Typical mid-range fabrics tend to have values of 5,000mm of water resistance and 5,000g of breathability, while the best materials have 20,000mm and 20,000g. Breathability is variable dependent on humidity and temperature.

The zip is a two hand affair, but it is full length and the toggle hides away at the collar to prevent scratching and discomfort. Sleeves and the rear hem are long enough to keep your wrists and lower back covered and warm when stretching out on the bike.

I like the look of this jacket, its comfortable, conforming fit and its level of rain protection. There are no vents for cooling airflow however, so it tended to get a little steamy on milder days, but it was certainly a good choice for riding in very cold and wet weather.

RRP: $199

Distributed by Jaggad


Jaggad Bastia Bib Tights

Bastia is a region on the island of Corsica which is now governed by France, though prior to WW2 when it changed hands, it was ruled by Italy. These tights use a moulded Italian chamois and a matte black lycra fabric for the legs to create a comfortable cool weather clothing choice. The lycra in these tights is not fleeced at all, just a straight stretch fabric so they’re not ideal for really cold weather. While different people feel the cold differently, I found these a good choice for morning rides over winter or on overcast days where the temperatures started just above zero.

The styling is somewhat reminiscent of Rapha gear with assymetric positioning of logos and pink highlights although Jaggad uses a light green colour as well. The fabric is very comfortable and quality of finishing is good, with no loose threads and nice attention to detail around the labels and feature tabs.

The pad in the Bastia tights is ergonomically shaped and comfortable, if a little softer than I am used to, especially for longer rides, though this does make them not too bulky and so they fit well. The shoulder straps are a mesh fabric wide enough to be very comfortable, remaining flat and in place under my jersey. I like a firm fit in knicks and would recommend going one size down on your usual when selecting sizes.

RRP: $240

Distributed by Jaggad



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Oscar Stevenson in his Tour of Bright Winners Jersey.

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