NSW Government’s Controversial Plan Threatens Sydney’s Cycling Haven

Sydney’s northern gateway, known for its sleepy suburbs and picturesque cycling routes, faces a looming transformation that could spell disastrous changes for cyclists and residents alike.

The NSW State Government is fast-tracking a planning proposal that would pave the way for high-density developments in areas surrounding popular cycling destinations such as Akuna Bay and West Head in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Traditionally peaceful suburbs like Gordon, Lindfield, and Roseville have served as launching points for cyclists venturing into the serene and safe roads of Akuna Bay and West Head.

However, the proposed plan seeks to introduce multi-story apartment blocks and high-density living around railway stations along this cherished cycling route. This would mean stop/start cycling, significantly more traffic, and an increased risk of incidents while heading to and from West Head and Akuna.

The contentious State Government plan threatens to transform northside suburbs such as Roseville into a high density area similar to Rhodes.

This move has sparked outrage among residents and cycling enthusiasts alike, with concerns raised about the potential impact on the area’s amenity, tranquility, safety, and natural beauty. The rush to push through the contentious plan has fueled division and controversy, as stakeholders grapple with the prospect of the revered cycling haven being overshadowed by towering developments.

As the debate intensifies, the fate of Sydney’s northern gateway hangs in the balance. A community consultation portal is currently open but closes at 4pm on Friday 23 February 2024.

To express your concerns and reject the proposed legislation have your say via the NSW Govt. portal here.

To sign a petition on the divisive issue follow this link.

And to support the Save Our Sydney campaign visit their Facebook page here.


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