Quick-Release Safety Recall

A number of bicycling manufacturers are working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) to recall certain disc brake bikes sold between 1998 and 2015 as a measure of safety.

 The problem begins with the quick-release skewers, that the over-center cam lever used to adjust the tension of the skewer is interfering with the front-wheel disc brake rotor, and if not adjusted properly or left open while riding, could potentially cause serious injury.

 The following manufacturers have aligned voluntarily with the BPSA and the CPSC to recall and replace the faulty quick-release devices, Accell North America (Raleigh, Diamondback), Advanced Sports International (Breezer, Fuji, SE), Cycling Sports Group (Cannondale, GT), Felt, G.Joanou Cycle Co. (Jamis), Giant Bicycle, Haro, LTP Sports Group (Norco), Performance Bicycle (Access), Quality Bicycle Products (Civia Cycles), Recreational Equipment Inc. (Novara), Ridley Bikes and Specialized Bicycle Components.

 There is no particular model in question, and bikes of any price could be affected, however, not all quick-release skewers from the aforementioned companies are faulty. There is a simple test to decipher whether your quick-release need be replaced.

 Simply open the cam lever and apply force to the under side of the lever whilst open toward the disc brake rotor, and if the lever interferes with the rotor then your bike must be returned to your local retail store for the problem to be resolved. If your lever does not interfere with the disc brake rotor, and there is a 6mm clearance between the two, (The width of a normal size 2 pencil), then your bike is safe to operate.

 The BPSA has also created a website with frequently asked questions and a tutorial video on checking the safety of your bicycle.

 The message that follows is to make sure you have mastered the correct technique for securely clamping your front wheel and to never ride with the quick-release lever open or improperly adjusted.


Since this article has been written, the knowledge is that this does not affect the Australian bicycling market. However, if you do own a bike that falls within this category please ensure you are correctly fastening your quick release system and never ride your bicycle whilst the quick release lever is in the open position. 

For further information please visit your local bicycle store for more professional advice. 


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