Movistar celebrates.Image: Sirotti.

Quick Tips: Group Riding Etiquette & Skills.

Riding in a group can be plenty of fun! It’s a great way to meet like-minded people, but can be rather daunting at first. Here are 6 key pointers to help you and the bunch make the most of a group ride together.

1. Communication
When riding in close proximity to other riders, communication is critical. If it’s your first group ride, or you’ve started riding with a new group, don’t be afraid to ask what signals and verbal communications the group use. The guys you’re riding with should appreciate the fact you want to learn and be safe.

2. Ride consistently
Any movements of any rider in the group will affect the whole group. Try to hold a straight line, don’t weave in and out, and always overtake on the right side of riders.

3. Avoid ‘half wheeling’
Half wheeling is a term when two riders are riding next to each other, but one rider is half a wheel distance infront of the other rider. In this situation when you a riding two abreast, keep level with the person next to you.

4. No gaps
There should be no gaps between riders in a group ride. As soon as you see a gap, try to fill the space in a STEADY AND CONTROLLED manner. Do not sprint into that space only to then slam on your brakes.

5. Be aware
There is a lot going on in a group ride. Brain switching off is not an option.

6. Don’t be intimidated
Remember all these guys ‘n girls in the group started somewhere.

Courtesy of Sarah Hunter, specialist coach at 


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Movistar celebrates.Image: Sirotti.

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Movistar celebrates.Image: Sirotti.

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