High-quality bike lights helps a rider really standout at night! Is it time the were built into new bikes as standard equipment?

Safer Cycling: ‘Be Bright, Wear A Light’ This Winter

In this illuminating feature we shine a light on a global safety & visibility campaign.

Just a few short years ago it seemed that cycling was all about absolute minimalism – plain black kit and absolutely nothing attached to the bike except the smallest possible saddle bag for a spare tube and a handful of tiny tools.

Fortunately, those days have changed, with many riders now relaxing ‘The Rules’ a little and fitting such accessories as handlebar bags, small bells, bike security devices such as AirTag holders or Knog’s revolutionary Scout, plus of course, front and rear lights.

Once the ultimate minimalists, particularly when training, it has been wonderful to see many professional riders embrace cycling safety and encourage others to follow their lead with a standout example of this being the ‘Be Bright, Wear A Light’ campaign.

‘A global movement led by professional cyclists, inspiring our cycling community toward greater visibility on the road’ That’s the mission of ‘Be Bright Wear A Light’, a cycling safety and awareness mission – led by pro cyclists – that’s rapidly gaining global momentum.

Backed By Pro Riders

Backed by professional riders from around the world, it stems from an idea pro rider Rachel Neylan had back in 2018.

Rachel recently told us the concept was developed after she started seeing more and more pro riders training with daytime front and rear lights, and realising how much difference the lights were making.

Wanting to help make a difference, Rachel secured the ‘BeBrightWearALight’ domain name and set up Twitter and Instagram accounts tohelp share the message to the world.

For further information visit www.bebrightwearalight.com

“Watching colleagues change their behaviour and noticing the light use trend among pros, I thought that is an excellent way to empower the world to do the same. Now it feels like the right timing to launch it,” she continued.

Light use is more pivotal than ever,” Rachel said. “Any pro cyclist will tell you that their home, and training camp locations are all getting busier and less safe. It becomes less an issue of driver respect, but more about driver distraction.

Lights significantly reduce the risk, and that risk is big. It’s all about improving the chance to be seen in close passing and distracted driver situations.”

Riding with French Team Cofidis in season 2023, Rachel Neylan says the ‘Be Bright Wear A Light Campaign’ aims to reduce global cycling injuries and fatalities by improving visibility.

“The bigger picture goal is for ‘Be Bright Weara Light’ to become a household slogan and empower autonomous behaviour, just like ‘Slip Slop Slap’ does,” she said.

You can support the initiative by following the following channels –

Instagram @bebrightwearalight

Twitter @brightwearlight 

For more information visit www.bebrightwearalight.com


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