An artists impression of Sydney’s long-awaited northern bike ramp.


Sydney’s Harbour Bridge To Finally Get Northern Cycling Ramp

The NSW State Government has finally approved plans for a long-awaited and highly-anticipated ramp on the north side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A missing link for years, this national cycling infrastructure embarrassment was perfectly summed up during the 2018 Indian Pacific Wheel Race when a competitor said the following –

‘I’ve ridden my bike 5500km across Australia, then get to Sydney and have to carry the thing up 55 steps.’

State Transport Minister Jo Haylen Haylen said construction will start in early 2024 and the project will take 18 months. 

The Minister said the 200m ramp ‘will be a game-changer for cyclists and particularly commuters using e-bikes and cargo bikes.’

“The Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway will finally be accessible for anyone riding a bike,” she said.

Transport for NSW say the historic steps will remain with a 200m linear ramp being built against the bridge.

They say the shared cycle path will:

  • Provide a critical north-south link in the current cycling network
  • Provide improved accessibility for bike riders of different levels of ability and mobility
  • Remove the hazard of navigating the existing stairs at the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles and reduce the number of cars on the road
  • Improve the safety of bike riders, pedestrians and motorists travelling around the northern end of Alfred Street South at the Lavender Street roundabout
  • Improve safety by separating pedestrian and bike rider traffic around Milsons Point Station near Burton Street
  • Provide a safer option than a spiral ramp due to potential congestion of pedestrians, bike riders and motor vehicles
  • Support the predicted future growth in the number of bike riders travelling north and south of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Major construction is scheduled to commence in early 2024. 


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