The Bike Ride For Brain Cancer And How You Can Help

Many Sydney-region riders may have heard about the Bike Ride For Brain Cancer, an annual two-day cycling event from Hornsby to Wisemans Ferry and back.

A boutique event that raises much needed funds for the Brain Cancer Collective, many participants have a close personal connection to brain cancer – from losing a loved one, to doctors cycling for the cause and even cyclists living with brain cancer. 

The 2024 ride will be on the 10th and 11th of May, with organisers offering Bicycling Australia readers a special discount of $50 on entry (full details below).

Julie-Anne Hazlett is a passionate supporter of the Bike Ride For Brain Cancer – we asked her why it is so high on her ‘must ride’ list.

Julie Anne with fellow Brain Cancer Collective riders.

“There are lots of charity rides but there are none quite like Bike Ride for Brain Cancer,” she told us.

“I’ve been involved since its inception as it’s a charity close to my heart. My cousin’s daughter, Bonnie was diagnosed when she was 3 and she’s had more than 13 operations since then,” she continued.

“Brain cancer kills more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer and the survival rates have barely changed in 35 years. I want to try to help change that. This two day event covering 240km is both fun and challenging!”

JA said the ride attracts “the best bunch of people who’ll share their stories that will make you both laugh and cry.”

 “We would love more people to join us on 10th and 11th May so if you’re reading this and looking for something amazing to do this year, join this ride.”

Did you know:

  • Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease.
  • Brain cancer kills more adults under 40 than any other cancer.
  • Brain cancer is extremely difficult to access and virtually impossible to completely remove.
  • There is not enough tumour tissue available for research.
  • There’s not enough data to identify trends and set gold standards in treatment.
  • There has been no major breakthrough in over 40 years.

The Brain Cancer Collective’s mission is to change all of the above.

The organisation’s aim is to build national platforms to benefit the entire brain cancer research community and ultimately assist all brain cancer patients across Australia.

The 2024 ride will be on the 10th and 11th of May, with organisers offering Bicycling Australia readers a special discount of $50 on entry.

The Brain Cancer Collective recently received a Government grant of $6million to boost their efforts and now needs to raise $6million over the next 3 years to see these projects completed and achieve their goals. 

This funding is assisting two of their current major projects, one being the Australian Brain Cancer Registry and the other being a national platform to host data-driven clinical trials, enabling brain cancer patients to enrol themselves for research.

Keen to ride and help? The Brain Cancer Collective have set up the discount code BICYCLINGAUSTRALIA that gives you a $50 discount on registration. Visit to sign up and ride.


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