Photo courtesy of ENVE Composites.

Tip of the Week: Punctures

Brought to us by the tech guru John Hardwick, here is a tip for inspecting your tyres after a puncture.

“If you find any cuts, use a pointed implement to inspect for glass or metal. Don’t get too carried away, just have a gentle dig and feel for anything sharp that could cause repeat punctures. If you have to fix a flat on the ride, always feel around inside the tyre casing and inspect any cuts before refitting the inner tube.

Like any good boy scout (or guide) it pays to be prepared. Saddle bags may be uncool in the pro-peleton but you’ll appreciate that these essentials are always with you on every ride. Set yourself up with a tube, puncture repair kit (in case you get more than one flat), tyre levers, a compact tool and always carry a pump. You may get by with a Co2 inflator but you’ll be stuck if you puncture again. Also consider carrying a bit of money (never know when you’ll bonk) and a valve extender if you’ve got deep rims (just in case you need to borrow an inner tube).”


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Photo courtesy of ENVE Composites.

ENVE Composites Acquired by Amer Sports, Owner of Mavic

Photo courtesy of ENVE Composites.

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