Sam Willoughby remains positive as his rehabilitation continues in the US. Image: Supplied.

Update on Sam Willoughby As BMX Champ’s Rehabilitation Continues

“The days have been getting busier and busier here at rehab for Sam.

He is now finishing up two solid weeks of rehab and is doing great. All the staff love him here, because as you can imagine his work ethic, motivation and intensity have made quite the impression on those around him. I can honestly say he’s probably working harder than her ever has before, which is pretty impressive as we all know how intense he already was with his day to day training! 

Sam Willoughby remains positive as his rehabilitation continues in the US. Image: Supplied.
Sam Willoughby remains positive as his rehabilitation continues in the US. Image: Supplied.

From dawn to dusk he’s filled with individual and group therapy sessions that are helping him become more and more functional both using what he already has, and working towards gaining things back. Balance and mobility have been a big focus thus far and Sam is picking up on everything quickly. Some highlights from his therapy thus far include meeting a 3x Paralympic Rugby medalist who shared his story with a group of young men like Sam…it’s amazing how many Paralympic athletes we are always surrounded and inspired by at the Olympic Training Center, but now we can gain even that much more respect for the path they’ve had to endure to get where they are…they are truly incredibly strong people with great life lessons to share.

Another highlight would be using the FES bike to help stimulate his legs in a motion and “feeling” so familiar to him. Some other highlights include getting in the pool for the first time and getting stood up in a special standing frame they use to reacclimatize people to an upright position. The visits and presence of our good friend and TM Jason Carnes definitely helped in this situation as Jason always has plenty of stories and laughs to share that keep spirits up and actually physically kept Sam’s blood pressure levels in check as they stood him up…thanks Jase! He was also a great therapy buddy for Sam during his upper body strength class as anyone who knows him can imagine…  

So yes, on top of all of the physical stimulation, the support of friends, family, and fans from around the world has played an incredible role in the healing process and keeping Sam’s spirits up – Thankyou to everyone who has sent positive energy and kind messages our way. Keep spreading the love and stay tuned for more updates!”

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