VIDEO: How The ‘Dutch Reach’ Could Help Prevent Car Door Incidents

Doorings … they are one of the most-feared and dangerous potential hazards for cyclists. But they are also one of the most preventable.

We’ve all seen it – the driver or passenger of a vehicle opens a door without looking. The door quickly swings out and if you’re in the zone there’s a fair chance you’ll be taken out.

Cyclist Detection Technology 

So far as moving vehicles go, it has been wonderful to see a shift in focus to cyclist and pedestrian safety over recent years. Volvo are leading the way in this regard – their cyclist detection and auto braking system being a prime example of the technology – more can be read about this here.

But when it comes to the dreaded dooring, it’s stationary vehicles we have to look out for.

Vigilance Is Key

Tips for riders include constantly looking ahead for the tell-tale signs of a person in a car ahead – the brake or parker lights light on, the outline or silhouettes of a head, a door slightly ajar.

Look Before You Leap

Helpful and potential injury or lifesaving tips also apply to those in the vehicle, and that includes not only ‘looking before you leap’ but practicing a safer way to open the door.

US-based sports, health, and fitness magazine ‘Outside’ have produced this informative video to demonstrate an effective way of preventing ‘doorings’ – the act of a car door being swung open in front of an unsuspecting cyclist.

Titled ‘the Dutch Reach’, it shows the simple technique of opening a car door with your left arm, twisting as you reach and therefore being in a position to easily check for an approaching rider.


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