Riders ascending the Cote de La Roche. Photo by Sirotti

Video of the Week: Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships

Do you ever feel like you’re battling an unbeatable headwind on your morning ride?

These men and women from the Netherlands will show you there is nothing you can’t conquer. 

The Dutch Headwind Championships could be the world’s most gruelling time trial ever! Held in December when the winds hit peak conditions cyclists battle an 8.5km course along the Oosterscheldekering storm barrier that provides absolutely no respite from the gale-force 7 winds striking the coast from the North Sea.

Riders are provided with an unmodified single-speed commuter-style bike by the organisers and the winner is decided by whoever covers the distance the fastest.

The 2015 winner was Pico de Jager from Amsterdam and his average speed was 22.04km/h.


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Riders ascending the Cote de La Roche. Photo by Sirotti

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